Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

Every woman may be attracted with a charmer with adorable face, paired with his boy-next
door appeal and childlike, mesmerizing smile and kind-hearted attitude. She may admire
someone who goes after his ambitions and has a goal-oriented mindset. But it’s a sure hit that a
woman will fall madly in love with a man who’s got all these beautiful qualities, PLUS can whip
up mouth-watering dishes and sweep her of her feet, in the kitchen! Well, Chef Jeremy is all
that and more.

Chef Jeremy is not only a star in the culinary scene today, but literally the culinary star on TV5
and Aksyon TV. His charms and culinary talents have made him the apple of the eyes of the
viewing public.

Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

Chef Jeremy first had all eyes on GMA’s Ka-Toque: Lutong Barkada QTV 11. With his lovely
face, it was a no-brainer that the audience loved not only his cooking skills, but as well as
his charming physique. Then later on, he found himself hosting and cooking healthy dishes
alongside Iza Calzado on QTV 11’s Health Cravings.

Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

You’d think that his interest in cooking was ignited by some magical twists of fate, but it
actually all started from a typical setup that he had to deal with when he was really young.

“There were times when I’d be alone in the house. So when I got hungry, I’d naturally go to the
ref. Sometimes there wasn’t anything that was already cooked, so I had to cook my own food,”
Chef Jeremy said. “I started with simple stuff – hotcakes, hotdogs – easy dishes.”

After having his high school education from the Lourdes School of Quezon City, Jeremy studied
in the University of Sto. Tomas. He then worked at Robot Restaurant and Lounge where he was
really able to use his formal education and innate talents.

Although he kind of always knew that he loves cooking, he also discovered that he actually has
the passion for hosting. He once had a hosting stint for a local music channel MYX.

Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

Because he’s a natural charmer off and on cam, it was no surprise that he’d eventually have a
long-time career both on cooking and hosting. Now he’s TV5’s resident chef, currently working
with the network on four shows. He is one of the stars on TV5′s Alagang Kapatid. He’s also
on TV 5’s Katok sa Cusina, where he and Tuesday Vargas raid ordinary kitchens and whip up
sumptuous dishes using no ingredients other than what that kitchen already has.

Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

Thus stud would not be blessed if he did not have a heart of gold, and it’s quite apparent and
his relationship with his family and friends. He even attributed that this is his best quality. “ I am
very caring. I always think of my friends and my family.”

True enough, his relationship with his mother is tight, as featured in his hit cooking show on
TV5’s AksyonTV—Chef Vs. Mom. This comedy cooking show showcases this lovely chef and his
real life mom, Lalie Favia. His mother shows off traditional cooking methods while Chef Jeremy
exhibits the do-it-your-own-way route. Just recently, Chef vs. Mom was nominated for the Best
Lifestyle Programme category in the Asian TV Awards.

Although already successful in his own right, Jeremy still has higher dreams for his mom,
showing just how caring he is. “I want to save some more money. I want to put up a business
for my mom,” Chef Jeremy said.

Chef Jereme also dabbles his travel and cooking show airing in the lifestyle channel of Cignal
(Colours) and TV5 International called Take Out.

Today, outside of his TV programs, this chef with that boy-next-door face is also the
spokesperson of Chef’s Classics by Sunnex Products Limited Hongkong and the Chef for DOLE.

“Good cooking is not just about having the best and freshest ingredients. It’s also about using
the right cookware,” he added. For home cooking, Chef Jeremy recommends Chef’s Classics’
Violet series. “Good pots and pans don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be good,” he

Chef Jeremy Favia Cooks His way to Your Heart

For DOLE, this hot chef visits malls and schools to exhibit different recipes and discover raw
cooking talents.

Follow Chef Jeremy Favia on Twitter: @jeremyfavia for the latest updates about this celebrity

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